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Beautiful Homes individually built

About Us

30 Years of Building beautiful homes in and around the City of Bath

Since the 1990’s Artisana has built and renovated fine homes in the City of Bath. With the addition of more modern techniques, we now specialize in constructing contemporary homes for single and multi-floor dwellings

Our approach to constructing just one large project at a time gives you the full attention you deserve

Bespoke Services

Individual homes are specified and built to the best of standards, agreed budgets and timelines.

Internal Design And Build

Artisana homes work with modern materials and techniques, this includes smart heating, electrics and with the aim to produce green homes which lower running costs over time  

Outdoor Spaces

We create modern outdoor living spaces that increase the enjoyment and capacity of the outside. Landscaping, pools, gym areas and outdoor recreation spaces are the norm. 

Aftercare And Refurbishments

If Artisana was not involved in your original project or current home. We would still love to become involved in any refurbishment, extension or upgrades.

We are Artisana
Providing creative, modern and luxurious homes for you.

Digging just a little deeper

What We Are Good At

kitchen and eating spaces


No need to tell you that we firmly believe the heart of the home is the Kitchen. We can work with specifications from a designer or yourself.

Places to sleep


Our fine bedrooms that are quiet, safe and comfy that allows rest, assuring that you awake the next day fully energised

Home cinema


Its time to let your hair down. We will build indoor and outdoor spaces that enhance and suit your lifestyle and requirements

Considering us for your next home?